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Mental Health Warrior Story - Living with Anxiety, PTSD & ADHD

This story from a mental health warrior is about Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD and ADHD and is being shared by Roo Houston, you can find Roo on Instagram or on her Blog. 

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Roo houstonRoo is from a very small town in South Carolina and is 32 years old and is living a pretty fantabulous life of blogging and residing in a Skoolie (want to know more, check out her blog "Houston Had a Problem")

Roo in her own words below living with mental health challenges:

What mental health challenges do you face? I suffer from anxiety, Trauma PTSD, and ADHD

At what age were you diagnosed? I was diagnosed as ADHD at 8 years old. Anxiety at 23 and PTSD at 30



How do your mental health challenges affect your daily life? It affects me a lot day to day. I struggle with staying on task due to my ADHD, even with my medication its still not 100%- which will then flare up my anxiety due to me not being able to focus and feeling like I am failing.

My PTSD affects me in a totally different way, especially in social settings, it makes it very hard. And since it was caused by Domestic Violence Trauma- it made dating almost impossible

What positive aspects do your mental health challenges bring to your life? I personally feel it makes me more understanding of these issues. It makes me more capable to discuss and help other people realize that they are not alone in this.

How do you see your particular mental health challenges being stigmatized? As a child my ADHD was always put off as me just being "a bad kid" It was hard really hard to be that kid who just couldn't help it and couldn't explain. Finally my 2nd grade teacher recommended privately to my parents at a parent teacher meet, to look into having me tested. It was a game changer.

As for my Anxiety and PTSD- I see it being stigmatized DAILY. Its slowly becoming the "cool thing" to have anxiety, and I think if any of us who really have it know... its some times crippling. My PTSD, is constantly blown off as "not a big deal" or "being dramatic" and that is really really hard to deal with

What do you do for self care? I take time for myself. I take time for massages, and baths, time to relax to reset after the day so that I'm not carrying anything over into the next day. I also found a partner who understands my issues, and that is MAJOR that is what makes it easier day in and day out is someone understanding that this is real and its hard.

What would you say to someone who was just diagnosed with the same mental health diagnosis as you? Its going to be okay. I know right now, you feel crazy and confused, you don't know which way is up. But it WILL be okay. Get a therapist, get a good friend, heck do like me, and get a dog. and Just talk. talk over and over. Don't let anyone convince you that you are crazy or wrong. Just keep going

Thank you for sharing Roo!

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