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Mental Health Warrior Story - Navigating Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

This week's story from a mental health warrior is about Anxiety, Depression & PTSD and is being shared by Felicia Nykaza, you can find Felicia on her blog at ElloFelicia or instagram.  

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mental health warrior story felicia nykazaFelicia describers herself as a nerdy mother and advocate and is active on social media and her blog to help create awareness around mental health and other topics. 

What mental health challenges do you face? Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

At what age were you diagnosed? I can't even remember, but I know the "PTSD" diagnosis is rather new, in my late 30's

How do your mental health challenges affect your daily life? Most of this really leads to procrastination and a lot of avoidances. 

What positive aspects do your mental health challenges bring to your life? I don't take as much for granted and I can empathize, especially with my tween's struggles more. 

How do you see your particular mental health challenges being stigmatized?  I feel like there's a coin flip to this because I "seem so normal" "functioning" people have a hard time thinking my actions could be caused by these mental blocks. Because people can't see it, it isn't an issue. On the other side of things, getting help means you will have to be on meds.

What do you do for self care? I am getting better at vocalizing my needs and taking me time, even a simple bathtub break, and of course therapy time! Therapy is key. Getting to those doctor appointments is a huge struggle, but so needed.

Any online resources that you recommend? Just finding others out there to be open about the mental health struggles has been so helpful for me. 

What would you say to someone who was just diagnosed with the same mental health diagnosis as you? Keep fighting, keep pushing, keep seeking help!

Anything else you'd like to add? Every day isn't the same, every diagnosis isn't the same, but we all gotta keep trying and remember there are others out there like us rooting us on. We aren't alone in this. Mental Health should be shared and not something to be ashamed about, ever.

Thank you for sharing my anonymous contributor. interested in sharing your mental health warrior stories to help normalize our mental health challenges - submit your story here

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