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Feb 26, 2021

Mental Health Warrior Stories: Living with PTSD, Anxiety & Depression as Shared by Tori Long

This week's story from a mental health warrior is about living with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression and is being shared by Tori Long. You can find Tori on Instagram or on her Website "Read this On Your Coffee Break"   Tori is a writer based in Louisville, KY.  She loves coffee, NPR, reading and crafting. What Mental Health Challenges do you face? I suffer from PTSD and the anxiety and depression that goes along with that.

Feb 18, 2021

Mental Health Warrior Stories: An inside look at living with Borderline Personality Disorder

I'm doing a new series of blog posts to help bring awareness for a variety of mental health challenges. Each week I'll be sharing an interview with an individual who is a mental health warrior and is sharing their journey with the hope that this awareness may help someone else.    
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