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Welcome to FerrisBuilt!

Welcome to my store and first blog post! 

I'm Lindsey Ferris, the owner, operator and designer at FerrisBuilt. I started FerrisBuilt as a hobby back in spring of 2018 as a way to sell my wood art I created in my woodshop, dabbling in projects hear and there. This is also how the name "FerrisBuilt" came to life. I live in Seattle, WA with my twin daughters and we love adventuring around the Northwest and doing crafty things at home on rainy days. 

I lost my company of 12 years due to Covid in the spring of 2020 (an event production company) and had to figure out a way to pivot and make a living when the industry that I've worked in my entire 25+ career - was shut down. As a single parent, this was a bit scary to say the least!
I decided to pursue my creative side in July of 2020 and see if I could make a go of my wood art and started adding apparel designs. My motivation was to still be a business owner as I enjoy that challenge and find a way to have a work schedule that I can prioritize my time around my children's schedule.

My apparel and gifts have taken front stage even though my wood art is still an aspect of my business, it's not the focus as much as creating mental health awareness, self care messaging and inspiring women and topics.  My wood art and create is still very much an aspect of self-care for me as I love creating and building. 

I'm hoping to share more here on my blog about mental health awareness, topics and self-care practices. If you have questions please feel free to reach out Lindsey (at)

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